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YoYo Island

"YoYo Island" is a strange and mysterious island that rises and sinks every 24 hours (hence the name "yoyo"), via a bit of javascript that directs visitors to its three different "time zones": YoYo Day, YoYo Twilight, and YoYo Night. Because the island rises fully from the sea and then sinks to the edge of its volcanic rim, visitors can find (or not find) different characters and environments there at different times around the clock, both above and below the sea... Lost Cities, Sunken Galleons, Sky-high Stranded Boats, & Take-home Tikis.

[Archived November 9, 2003]

Super Mahi Tiki

The latest creation from FWAK! Animation in Australia.

This little gem was sent to me by Lili Chin who is involved in the production of "Super Mahi Tiki, Defender of Bikini", intended for the Saturday Morning Cereal Set but I'm sure it will appeal to Tiki culture fans of all ages.

The pilot episode is called "Lava Palaver" and looks like it will be a lot of fun. I'm especially fond of the entire premise of the show of a Tiki god being brought to life by atomic bomb testing on the Bikini Atoll in 1946. It's also a riot seeing Mahi Tiki in his disguise as Bikini exporter, Walt Waxline, his green Tiki countenance hidden only by an eyepatch.

[Archived November 23, 2002]

Slim Jim Kontiki

Tiki's are alive and well in... Belgium!

"Slim Jim Kontiki" sent me a link to his site last month and I thought I'd share it with you. He seems to be a full-on Tiki Geek with a good dose of American Rockabilly thrown in. I don't know what the rest of Belgium is like, but this site will give you a taste of how time and place mean nothing to Tiki Culture. I imagine we could all travel to the heart of Europe, step inside Slim Jim's place and feel like we were in the South Seas.

[Archived July 18, 2002]

Tiki Tones Main Index The Tiki Tones

This is one of the first Tiki sites I found on the web a couple of years back when I learned there was a Tiki movement. Although I liked the original site design better with it's lava rock background, bright lettering and dancing Tiki gods animation (oomba-chaka oomba-chaka oomba-chaka) the new site has one thing that makes it worth visiting: full length online music!

Their album "Idol Pleasures" is now out of print but they've been so kind as to make the songs available over the web. The Tiki Tones are purely an instrumental set in the best Ventures tradition with solid rhythms and atmospheric guitar work - music that will set the proper tone for any tiki party.
Excuse me, but I've got to get a set of those Tiki Tones Neck Charms...

[Archived March 29, 2002]