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Flounder Art
"Flounder Art" is the site of artist Scott Scheidly and features a widely varied selection of imagery, from Tikis on canvas (like the image above) to oddities like the "Playa" series and "the Seven Deadly Sins" featuring famous cartoons characters. Most pieces are for sale and he also takes on commision work.

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Sniki Tiki SurfingI've been surfing the web for every Tiki site I can find... and there just aren't that many out there! I've expanded my searches to include such related topics as Polynesian Pop, Hawaii, South Pacific, Lounge Culture, Surf Music, and the like which has yielded some more sites of interest to a fan of Tiki Culture. I've tried to be thorough, but as with any links page, I'm sure I've left out a cool site or twenty. Please! Let me know if your favorite site is missing and I'll add it as soon as I finish this Mai Tai... or maybe after the next one...

As time goes on I'll add some reviews of the various sites, either mine or those of other officianados.

New link added January 8, 2004:
Tahiti Expressions - Tiki Business

Tiki Culture

YoYo Island "A virtual vacation!"
Atomic Tony Tiki "Online Cartoon Laff'in" from the U.K.
Tiki News Info Site
TikiFest Festival Site


The Tiki Cha Cha Club Live streaming radio show Mondays at 11pm
The Ventures The Great Originals!
The Tiki Tones Band Site
High Priest of Exotica Martin Denny Site
Mondo Exotica

Mugs 'n Stuff

Aisle Tiki Get the party Started with tiki mugs, shots, and More! Your complete source for all that is Tiki and More-The tiki mug of Choice!
Stoo's Tiki Island Personal Site

Tiki Bars

South London Pacific Great site with lots of images. Looks like a fun establishment with lots of interesting activites.
Tiki Motel

Tiki Lodging

The Caliente Tropics Palm Springs Resort Hotel A fully restored 90 room Polynesian hotel from the 1950’s.
Tiki Motel


Tiki Style Those great buildings!

Tiki Grog

Kahlua The Big Kahuna of Tropical Liquours!
In Search of the Ultimate Mai Tai
Tiki Bar Review Pages Information Site
Club Velvet Drinks Recipes Page
Vik's Lounge Includes Cocktail Recipes

Trader Vic's

Party-Planning Wisdom
Sven Tiki on...
Beverly Hill's Menu

Tiki Business

 NEW!  Paradise Found Online – Tropical Décor & Tiki Supplies PARADISE FOUND ONLINE is a purveyor of tropical furnishings, luau supplies and tiki decor. By offering you distinctive and quality products, we hope to bring the magic and peacefulness of the islands to your home.
Tahiti Expressions Tahiti Rick offers great custom built Tiki Huts, Tiki Bars and Tiki-style Landscaping.
Aisle Tiki Get the party Started with tiki mugs, shots, and More! Your complete source for all that is Tiki and More-The tiki mug of Choice!
Authentic Tiki Idol Pendants The ultimate in 60's chic
Mai Tiki Carvings Site
Tiki Objects by Bosko
Do Wah Diddy Pop Culture Collectibles Site
Archie McPhee's Business Site


Hawaiian Name Language Site
Kon-Tiki Museum Museum Site
Roadside Tiki "Historical" Page
Tiki Town "Historical" Page
Easter Island Nova
Polynesian Cultural Center Cultural Site
Tahiti Explorer Cultural Site

Pop Culture

Shag's Online Gallery Hip Retro Paintings
Patio Culture

Link Pages

The Tiki Room Links
Retro Tiki Collecting Page
World Wide Retro Links
Medley's Tiki Lounge Links


Images from a Lost Mind Amateur artwork featuring tiki's
Kiki, The Fashion Tiki Fake Toy
Kev's Cartoons The Author's Humorous Illustration Site
Brockschmidt Design The Author's Design Site